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Quedlinburg is part of the regional and national rail and bus network (Saxony-Anhalt’s local transport system).

The Lyonel Feininger Gallery is in the northwest of Quedlinburg at the foot of the hill where the castle stands. The fastest route from the station is via Bahnhofstrasse, Heilige-Geist-Strasse, Steinbrücke, Carl-Ritter-Strasse, Lange Gasse and Finkenherd. For cars, the most convenient place to park is on Wipertistrasse on the ring road, or in nearby Carl-Ritter-Strasse.

Museum of Graphic Art

The Bauhaus master Lyonel Feininger (1871–1956) is an outstanding figure of classical modernism. In the 1930s, slammed as “degenerate”, he fled from the National Socialists back to his native United States. It is thanks to the Quedlinburg art collector Dr Hermann Klumpp that large parts of Feininger's work escaped destruction by the Nazi regime.

Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt presents a selection of those works in a unique permanent exhibition at the Lyonel Feininger Gallery in Quedlinburg, the town where they were kept safe for decades. They include not only drawings, prints, etchings, woodcuts, watercolours, collages, models and photographs by the artist but also items of practical use such as his easel or the chest of drawers where he kept his graphics.

As well as the prominent core collection, the Lyonel Feininger Gallery has been expanding its holdings and profile for some years, developing into a broad-ranging museum of graphic art. Its special exhibitions present top-class graphics from all eras up to the present day. Alongside world-famous figures such as Kandinsky, Klee, Nolde or Heckel, the programme also includes works by young artists and topics from the region’s art history.

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Öffentliche Führung - "Lyonel Feininger. Meister der Moderne"
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