Halberstadt Cathedral treasures

The Halberstadt Cathedral treasures are a monument to the church, art and history of European renown. They contain some 1,250 individual items, categorised under 650 inventory numbers, and are known as the most extensive collection of mediaeval church treasures to have survived in Germany in its original location. The surviving objects are a testament to religious belief, and stand out not only for their extreme variety and abundance, but also for their remarkably high quality. One world-famous example is the Romanesque tapestries first produced in the mid-12th century.

Some 300 liturgical objects and utensils are presented in the cathedral’s historical cloister rooms. These include pieces worked in gold and ivory, panels and sculptures, furniture, manuscripts and, notably, a particularly numerous and varied collection of paraments (ecclesiastical vestments or hangings).


Domschatz Halberstadt
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